Have your home prepared for the move

Help the move go well by keeping all entryways, driveways, etc. clear.  Also, let any building management know in advance that you will need the elevators.  Then, have at least one person present for the loading process, and pack a bag of personal necessities to move yourself.

Doing your own packing?

  • Prevent damage by keeping boxes to 50 lbs or less
  • Pack items that aren’t needed until after you are completely moved first
  • Have your boxes labeled with your name and where they should be placed in your new home
  • Use quality packing materials to prevent problems
  • Cushion your boxes with wadded newspaper
  • Wrap breakable items in newspaper
  • Never pack flammable fluids, firearms, paints, or chemicals
  • Pack a bag with important items such as family photos, prescriptions, and valuable personal records

Transport expensive wine safely

Have a large collection moved in climate-controlled vehicles or a small collection moved in a car or van.  If you don’t want to have professional movers take care of this packing for you, make sure you obtain specially designed wine-packing boxes and dry ice for climate control.

Have valuable electronics?

Pack them in a sturdy carton with plenty of padding from newspapers or bubble wrap.  And for computers, back up the files onto an external storage device.  Then, make sure all wires and cables are disconnected and, when packing the monitors, treat them with the same caution you would use with TV screens.